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End the growth cycle and start the harvesting process in the Plantaform App or by pressing the status button on your Rejuvenate.

 current status in app indicating ready for harvest

Drain your Rejuvenate bottom reservoir into a bucket or sink. As it empties, you can start harvesting your plants.

Rejuvenate's bottom reservoir being emptied into a bucket, valve twists to open

Cut the plants just above the pods and set them aside for later washing and food prep. Remove the plant pods and gaskets and use a clean harvesting tool to remove the plant roots from the pods.

Hands cutting the plant shoots above the pod

In a measuring cup, mix 250mL of food-grade hydrogen peroxide with 600mL of tap water. Place the pod covers and gaskets into this solution. Let them soak for as long as possible. These covers and gaskets are designed to be reused for the next growth cycle.

Pod lid covers and gaskets with peroxide and a measuring cup

Make sure to remove the rockwool from the pods. You can either compost the rockwool in your home compost pile or put it in the trash. Cleaned, empty pod frames can be either recycled or kept for future use.

close-up of an removing rockwhool from pod

Open up the root chamber fully and take out all inside parts. Remove all roots and large debris from the parts and the bottom reservoir. All of these roots and debris can be put in the compost.

Root chamber's internal system opened covered in roots

Bring all of the internal parts you removed to the sink. Rinse them under warm water and scrub them with a soapy sponge or cloth to remove most leftover debris or algae.

Components being rinsed and cleaned under warm tap water.

Once rinsed off, bring the parts back to your Rejuvenate and put them back together.

Reassembling the cleaned components back into the Rejuvenate system

Remove the gaskets from the peroxide solution, making sure to avoid direct contact with the solution. Rinse the gaskets off in the sink and  give them a light scrub with soap to remove any remaining debris. Keep the peroxide mix for later use in the cleaning process.

Rinsing gaskets in the sinking yellow gloves

Put the gaskets back into the root chamber, ensuring that the arrows on the gasket and root chamber align, pointing directly towards each other. Start the self-cleaning process using the Plantaform App to guarantee all components of your Rejuvenate are thoroughly cleaned.

Repositioned gaskets in the root chamber with yellow gloves

In the Plantaform App, press the cleaning button on the home page to  Follow the app's instructions to prepare your Rejuvenate for the next planting cycle.

Remember to properly wash, prepare, and store your harvested plants before eating.

Plantaform App's cleaning button highlighted on the home page.

Remember to properly wash, prepare, and store your harvested plants before eating.