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Start by reinserting the gaskets into the root chamber, ensuring the arrows on the gasket and chamber align. This step follows the harvest's final phase.

 current status in app indicating ready for harvest

In the Plantaform App, navigate to 'Cleaning' on the home screen, and select the 'Quick Clean' option. From there, initiate the assisted cleaning process.

Rejuvenate's bottom reservoir being emptied into a bucket, valve twists to open

While the device drains, insert the pod plugs into all 15 holes of the root chamber.

Hands cutting the plant shoots above the pod

Fill the bottom reservoir with 7 liters of warm water mixed with 250ml of 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Reuse the water previously employed for the harvest process if available.

Pod lid covers and gaskets with peroxide and a measuring cup

Now go ahead and close the bottom reservoir with its covers and also your Rejuvenate with all 4 windows.

close-up of an removing rockwhool from pod

In the Plantaform app's cleaning section, tap 'Run' to start the self-cleaning cycle. You will receive a notification once the 1-hour automated cycle completes.


Following the self-cleaning, empty the Rejuvenate bottom reservoir into a sink or bucket.

Components being rinsed and cleaned under warm tap water.

Refill the bottom tank with water and drain again to eliminate any residual peroxide. Close the drainage valve, and your Rejuvenate is now primed for the next growth cycle!

Reassembling the cleaned components back into the Rejuvenate system