The Essentials: Rejuvenate Smart Indoor Garden

The Essentials: Rejuvenate Smart Indoor Garden

Finding the best spot for Rejuvenate

To set yourself up for success with your Rejuvenate Smart Indoor Garden, the first step is to find the perfect spot. Look for a flat surface, such as a table, that located near a power outlet. It's also important to have access to a water source, as Rejuvenate will need to be refilled every 2-3 weeks. After watching the video below showcasing Rejuvenate in a kitchen and living room, continue reading for more detailed instructions.

Rejuvenate in Kitchen + Living Room Video

Rejuvenate in Living Room


Rejuvenate in Kitchen 


The Rejuvenate indoor garden is equivalent to a 15 square foot garden that occupies a total of 4 square feet of space in your living space. As shown above, Rejuvenate can be used in kitchens, as you can access your favorite herbs and fresh salad greens while you cook. Additionally, having the Rejuvenate in or near your kitchen also makes it more convenient to refill the water periodically and perform the occasional maintenance. Rejuvenate also adds colour & light, and serves as a decorative living piece of furniture in places like living rooms, front entrances, dining rooms, and basements, allowing creativity & flexibility with where you would like your Rejuvenate to live.

A few key things to note are that your Rejuvenate must stay indoors, as it is not built to handle extreme weather and precipitation, and your Rejuvenate must stay plugged in to a standard 120V power outlet, and within 6-8 feet of the power outlet. A full diagram of the Rejuvenate outline below:


How much Power is required?

The Rejuvenate indoor garden is very energy efficient, as it employs custom, high-efficiency LED lights which have a high portion of light that is specifically useful for the plants to perform photosynthesis. The Rejuvenate consumes an average of about 60 watt-hours, which is roughly the same as a standard 60 watt light bulb found in lamps or lights at home. The exact amount will vary slightly depending on room temperature, the type of plants that are growing, and location. It is very important to note that your Rejuvenate must be plugged in at all times, and unplugging your Rejuvenate for more than an hour will affect the growth of you plants. The Rejuvenate comes with an 8 foot power cable and plugs into a standard 120V power outlet. The Rejuvenate consumes around 1.4 kW per day. Please refer to your local electricity rates to see how much it will cost you to power your Rejuvenate.

What to do in the case of a power outage?

In the rare case of an extended power outage where the electricity goes out for several hours or even days, this can be an issue for your plants. If the plants are still seedlings, they will be fine for a couple of days at least. If you notice the pods are looking very dry, you can remove the Plant Pod and dip the bottom half of the Pod into water for a few seconds, carefully making sure that the Pod does not become completely drenched, which may over water the plant. If the plants are much larger and are demand more water & nutrients, they should survive for about a day (24 hours) before the lack of water and nutrients becomes a real problem.

There are things you can do to save the plants before it is too late in these rare cases. One solution is to take out the Plant Pods and place the Pod roots sitting in the bottom water reservoir, so the plants will still grow, although this may be challenging with very large plants, as the roots become tangled with each other and the internal root chamber components. If you have a strong battery or backup power generator capable of 120V output, you can also use this to power your Rejuvenate until the power comes back. Additionally, another option is to directly open up the root chamber and spray the roots with water every few hours until the power comes back on.


How often do you need to fill Rejuvenate with water & nutrients?

Every 2-3 weeks after the first fill.

How much water does Rejuvenate hold?

The Rejuvenate is able to hold up to 9L of water when full. Bottom reservoir: 7L, Top reservoir: 2L. After your first fill, the water tanks combined will last for around 2-3 weeks, depending on the Pod Packs and the plants you are growing. 

It is highly recommended that you fill the top 2L water reservoir of your Rejuvenate device, as this will 1) extend the time required between water refills and 2) is where you add the nutrients alongside water during the initial fill. You don't have to worry about the top tank draining into the bottom tank, as this is done automatically with the water level sensing in the bottom water reservoir. Both the application and the button on the Rejuvenate will display when the water in the Rejuvenate is low and needs to be refilled within a few days.

On average, the Rejuvenate consumes about 400mL per day, although this changes throughout the duration of the growth cycle of your plants. As the plants grow, they consume more water & nutrients (As water is transpired to facilitate photosynthesis and to transport nutrients throughout the plant).

Specific Plants:

  • Herbs will last for 2-3 weeks before the first refill is needed, then at least 2 weeks before subsequent refills.

  • Faster growing crops like lettuces & flowers, consume water more quickly and last for about 2 to 2 and a half weeks before the first refill is needed, then around 1-2 weeks upon subsequent refills if needed.


That concludes it! Should you have any concerns or inquiries regarding the setup of your Rejuvenate Smart Indoor Garden, we are at your service. Simply reach out to us at and we will be happy to provide assistance.


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