A General Guide on all things Plantaform

A General Guide on all things Plantaform
Welcome to the future of indoor gardening!

We are a Canadian Agri-Tech company based in Gatineau, Quebec that specializes in indoor gardening. Our indoor garden Rejuvenate, is the world's first smart indoor garden that utilizes Fog to grow plants. With Rejuvenate, you are able to effortlessly grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers year-round, regardless of weather or season, from the comfort of your own home. Rejuvenate is designed to be simple, elegant, and easy to use, making it an ideal addition to any home, office, business, or restaurent. Fully Made in Canada, the Rejuvenate Smart Indoor Garden utilizes an innovative technology by growing plants with Fog to revolutionize traditional agriculture practices.

Get to know all the Plantaform resources and products that are available below!

FAQ & Growing Guide

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Plantaform Growing Guide are comprehensive sources of information that provides detailed guidance on a wide range of topics related to caring for your Rejuvenate indoor garden and plants. From Rejuvenate maintenance and Pod questions to pruning and more, we offer valuable insights and tips to help you maximize the potential of your Rejuvenate Smart Indoor Garden.

Specifically, our FAQ section is the perfect resource for quick and easy answers to common questions about Rejuvenate, our Pod Packs, your account, and other Plantaform accessories. Whether you're looking for a helpful tip of information or a more comprehensive guide, our Growing Guide and FAQ have you covered!

Check out the Plantaform YouTube + Instagram

At Plantaform, we're passionate about our indoor garden and all things plants. We're always looking for opportunities to share our love of gardening and showcase the benefits and potential of Rejuvenate. Check out the Plantaform Youtube channel and Instagram account, where you can find a wealth of how-to videos related to everything Rejuvenate and Plantaform. From maintenance tips to planting guides, our instructional videos cover a variety of topics to help you get the most out of your indoor garden.

We also have a collection of variety-specific harvest and recipe videos that will guide you through the process of harvesting your plants and preparing delicious meals with your fresh produce. So, whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, our Youtube channel and Instagram account are great resources to help you become a successful indoor gardener.

Plantaform's Social Media. Instagram and YouTube accounts @plantaform

Plantaform App

Check out the Plantaform Application for iOS & Android! Use the app to access your Rejuvenate, optimize settings, check on the health and status of your plants, monitor water levels, and see Plant Care tips + resources.

Plantaform Pod Packs

From garden-fresh lettuce in your salads to tasty herbs in cooking dishes, & even edible flowers in cocktail beverages, our Pod Packs have you covered. Each of our Packs comes with 15 pods for your Rejuvenate to grow at a time. To purchase & check out more about our Pod Packs, click here.




Simple, elegant, and easy to use, Rejuvenate by Plantaform is the world’s first smart indoor garden using Fog to grow plants. Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers all year round, effortlessly with this Canadian-made Indoor Garden! To learn more and order Rejuvenate, click here.

Plantaform Facebook Community Group

We're excited to announce that our Plantaform Facebook Group is live! This interactive community provides a welcoming and supportive space for Rejuvenate growers to connect, share their experiences, and troubleshoot any questions they may have. Whether you're looking for advice or want to lend a helping hand to others, our community will be the perfect place to get involved.

You'll also have the opportunity to virtually connect with fellow indoor gardeners, share pictures of your Rejuvenate plants and setup, and exchange recipes using your freshly grown produce. Click here to join today :)

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