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Edible Flower Mix

Edible Flower Mix


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Edible Flower Mix

This explosion of fresh colorful, edible flowers not only adds a splash of vibrant color to your home but the flowers and leaves in this mix are packed full of nutrition and health benefits. Purple, white, yellow, orange, and red are some of the colors this pack will fill your living space with. These flowers and their stems can be used for a wide variety of dishes and drinks including as a garnish for hot dishes, salads, and drinks, as well as use for tea, juices, and smoothies. Some leaves and flowers can even be used for the main body of salads, and to spice up recipes when cooking and baking.


    πŸ’ Helen-Mount Violas (x3)

    πŸ’ Orange Calendulas (x3)

    πŸ’ Red Marigold (x3)

    πŸ’ Sweet Alyssum (x3)

    πŸ’ Brush Strokes Violas (x3)


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