About Us

Our mission is to bring sustainable gardening to urban environments.

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Our Story

In 2019, we started Plantaform by envisioning a future of sustainable living from the comfort of our own homes. As global citizens, we witnessed the necessity of a more reliable source of food.

Due to overpopulation, global warming and subsequent reduction of agricultural land, it is expected that Food security will be the number one concern for humanity in the next 20 years.

This motive is what created the team behind Plantaform, formed by environmentally-conscious engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. We started in the capital region of Canada, and made it our mission to impact as many lives across the globe; empowering consumers to lead the transition to a sustainable food system.

Together, we can use innovation for the sake of our planet.

Built In Collaboration With
Plantaform built in collaboration with La Cité Collège.
Plantaform built in collaboration with The National Research Council of Canada.
Plantaform built in collaboration with Invest Ottawa.
Plantaform built in collaboration with Agrinova. Recherche et Innovation en Agriculture
Plantaform built in collaboration with Investissement Québec.
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Faces Magazine “Startup of the Year”

Zenbooks “Tech Smallbiz of the Year”

Startup Global Semi-Finalist

D&AD Startup Shortlist Winner

Faces Magazine "Ottawa's Green Initiative of the Year"

Plantaform Award. Faces Magazine Start-Up of the Year. Small Business of The Year.