A Week-by-Week Guide on Growing with Rejuvenate

A Week-by-Week Guide on Growing with Rejuvenate

It's common to observe some growth on your Rejuvenate Smart Indoor Garden during the initial week before witnessing significant growth in the succeeding weeks. With a bit of effort and patience, you'll soon have a full batch of produce. Although we can't teach patience, we can guide you in taking care of your Indoor Garden every week.

Stay tuned for a new video that will provide details on Rejuvenate's weekly maintenance, and read on below for additional information!

Weekly Maintenance

Usually the weekly maintenance process requires 10-20 minutes of your time. However, as growers become more enthusiastic about their plants and food production, they often end up spending more time each week. You'll need to do the following every 1-2 weeks:


1. Refill Rejuvenate's top reservoir & bottom reservoir.

  • During all refills, use the nutrient scooper provided with your Rejuvenate, fill the scoop, add the nutrients into to a container of water, and stir to combine well before pouring into Rejuvenate

2. Pour the mixed solution of nutrients & water into both reservoirs.

3. Prune & manage plant growth.


In-depth water refill guides and instructions can be found on the next step (Refill Instructions) within the Growing Guide for refilling Rejuvenate at different water levels. 

You can find the nutrient dosages for Rejuvenate on our website, as well as within our App Store and Google Play Store applications. These dosages will vary as your plants go through their growth cycle, so it's essential to keep up with the provided information.

For the Initial Fill of Rejuvenate, refer to the chart below:

Rejuvenate Initial Refill Nutrient and Water Dosages - Top & Bottom Reservoir

If you're growing plants in a warmer indoor environment or your plants are close to harvesting, you may have to replenish Rejuvenate with water more frequently than once every 2 weeks.

Take a closer look at your plants to assess their condition

Examining your Pods during weekly maintenance is an excellent method of monitoring their growth and promptly addressing any problems that may arise. It also helps you become more familiar with your plants and start harvesting sooner!

Begin by inspecting the undersides of the leaves and the areas where the stems meet the plants since this is where pests and diseases usually appear. It's much simpler to eliminate pests when they first emerge than after they've established themselves. Discover more about identifying and removing common pests here!

Extra Information

You don't have to go through the growing process alone! Connect with other Plantaform growers and share your progress with us on our social media channels:

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