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Mélange de salades douces

Mélange de salades douces

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🥬 Red Frilled Lettuce (x3)

🥬 Outrageous Romaine (x3)

🥬 Monte Carlo Romaine (x3)

🥬 Jericho Romaine (x3)

🥬 Green Crisp Lettuce (x3)


🪄 No Green Thumb Required. Rejuvenate makes gardening easy and requires zero gardening knowledge or experience. Simply add your 15 plants pods, add water and nutrients, and you're all set to start growing!

🌱 Know Exactly What You Eat. With Plantaform's Plant Pods you know exactly what you are growing and consuming. All of our Pods are non-GMO and offer a variety of organic seeds throughout our packs.

🧼 No Soil, No Mess! Grow without soil using our Plant Pods. Gardening has never been easier, cleaner, and more efficient.

😋 Tastier Plants. Combining water and nutrients together, our Fogponics system allows your plants to grow faster, bigger, and more nutritious!

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