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The Future of Indoor Gardening

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Crafted To Perfection​

Simple, elegant, and easy to use, Rejuvenate is a fully automated indoor garden powered by Fogponics that creates the perfect controlled environment for your home garden.

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A water-efficient technology that feeds your plants by the power of fog.

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Monitor the growth of your indoor garden, all from your phone.

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Grows 12 Plants

Grow and harvest up to 12 plants in just one month.

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1 Step Maintenance

Just refill the water tank once a month (Yes, that’s really it)

Grow All Year Long

The New Essential Addition to Your Home

Rejuvenate was designed to belong in your home and integrate more nature into your life.

No soil. No mess.

Grow your plants without soil. Gardening has never been cleaner.

Be One of the First to Rejuvenate Your Home.

Limited Amount Available for Pre-Orders

Rejuvenate is No Ordinary Garden​

How Does Rejuvenate Work?

Step 1:

Add Water & Nutrients

Step 2:

Add Plant Pods

Step 3:

Activate Rejuvenate

Step 4:

Watch It Grow

State of The Art

Rejuvenate’s cutting-edge design was purposely created to capture back the condensation created by the fog into the water reservoir. Don’t you love physics!


Watch the magic of the fog transform into an aurora, uplifting the vibe of any room.

Custom LEDs

LEDs that combine wavelengths and colours to optimize your plants’ growth.

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