Simple, elegant and easy to use, Rejuvenate by Plantaform is the world's first smart indoor garden that uses fog to grow plants.

  • Rejuvenate by Plantaform Smart Indoor Garden in a Living Room growing Lettuce.

    Grow up to 15 fresh herbs, vegetables, or flowers per month in a fraction of the space of a traditional garden.

  • Rejuvenate Smart Indoor garden in Kitchen growing Fine Herbs. Such as Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Dill, Parsley, Mint, Tarragon, Chervil, & Rosemary.

    Rejuvenate maintains your plants automatically with the right amount of water. Just fill with water and nutrients and refill every 2 to 3 weeks!

  • Rejuvenate by Plantaform's Indoor Garden Plant Pods. Soilless Plant Pods used to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants.

    Grow without soil using our Plant Pods. Gardening has never been easier, cleaner, and more efficient.

  • Plantaform's Mobile Application for Rejuvenate Indoor Garden.

    Rejuvenate is Wi-Fi-enabled and our app guides you step-by-step through the growing process with reminders, tips, and more!

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Why Do I Need One?

In a world of rising grocery prices, pesticide-covered foods, and expensive access to fresh organic produce, it's becoming increasingly essential to grow your own food at home.

Plantaform's Rejuvenate was designed with functionality in mind, allowing you to grow your own produce with the click of a button, all year long. What if you could have an indoor garden that serves as a living piece of furniture without needing gardening knowledge to operate it?

Plantaform offers you an all-in-one indoor garden solution using the most advanced technology in the industry.

Plantaform Pod Packs. Fresh Salad Mix, Herb Essentials, Edible Flower, Superfood Salad, Cocktail Mix.


It All Starts From Our Unique Pods

Step 1

Add Water & Nutrients

Step 2

Add Plant Pods

Step 3

Plug-In Rejuvenate


Watch it Grow

  • App Connectivity

    Rejuvenate easily connects to your phone to help monitor your plants and the overall system.

  • Self Adjusting Lighting

    Rejuvenate uses specialized horticultural LED’s that self-adjust according to the stage of growth of your plants.

  • Minimal Maintenance

    Rejuvenate makes gardening easy. Simply add water & nutrients every 2-3 weeks.

  • Tastier Plants

    Combining the water and nutrients together, our Fogponics system makes your plants grow faster, bigger, and tastier!


The Philosophy Behind Plantaform

We started by envisioning a future of sustainable living from the comfort of your own home. Plantaform founders Alberto, Kiwa, and Georges set out on a mission to empower consumers to lead the transition to more sustainable food growing and to allow people to grow fresh plants all year round! Meet, Rejuvenate. The future of smart indoor gardening using technology from space and built to be a living piece of furniture in any environment.

Plantaform Team at Ottawa, Ontario Trade Show.
Plantaform Team at Company Launch Event in Gatineau, Quebec.
  • Rejuvenate, Plantaform's Smart Indoor Garden used in Home by Family.

    "Rejuvenate truly is the garden of the future. It has a sleek design with a matte white finish that fits perfectly in my living room as furniture! I can't wait to continue to watch the Pods grow and fully enjoy growing at home all year long."

    Andrew I & Family
  • Rejuvenate, Plantaform's Smart Indoor Garden used in Home.

    "The Rejuvenate is a salad space ship and it is so cool! The Rejuvenate comes pre-assembled, so you just plug it in and start growing, no green thumb required. Did I mention it is made, designed and assembled in Canada! Grow indoors 12 months a year with Rejuvenate by Plantaform."

    Emma T.
  • Rejuvenate, Plantaform's Smart Indoor Garden used in Gym.

    "Great indoor garden and very impressive "smart" technology. We personally had the Rejuvenate Frost White in our local gym and received many compliments on it. Its revolutionary nature can bring a whole new dimension of living into any space."

    Ayoub D.


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